The 5 Different Sources of Smells in a Kitchen

September 30, 2021
2 mins read
The 5 Different Sources of Smells in a Kitchen

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Have you smelled your kitchen or someone else’s lately? It probably doesn’t smell great. It’s time to identify that awful smell and get rid of it once and for all. Go into your kitchen and sniff around; you might be surprised if you happen to find that one of the five different sources of smells in a kitchen is the cause.

The Garbage Can

You’re not smelling the latest scent from Dior; it’s the garbage can that’s caught your nose’s attention. If your eyes are watering worse from the garbage than from onions, you need to change it. Here’s how to stop the smelly garbage can from ruining your kitchen.

Check if the garbage can has leaked—if it has, that could be the reason for the awful smell. Perhaps some rotting trash slipped between the bag and the can. Or maybe some gunky old food fell out and is rotting just behind where you keep the can. There could even be a collection of liquids or junk at the bottom of the can.

Whatever the mess is, take the can outside, empty it, wash it down, and let it air dry.

The Disposal

If garbage disposals could talk, they’d probably tell you to throw some ice cubes down to help tame the odors. The reason your disposal might be to blame for bad smells is due to a buildup of food pieces and grease. To help de-stink your sink, all you need to do is turn on your disposal, run some water, and toss some ice cubes down it.

Ice cubes can knock down stubborn food pieces and sharpen the disposal’s blades. After the ice cubes are broken apart, pour lemon juice or vinegar down there to kill bacteria. When you clean it, make sure that the disposal isn’t running, and the blades aren’t sticking out.

The Dishwasher

While dishwashers clean our dishes, they need to get cleaned, too. Although these machines have jets to remove food from dishes, if the dishwasher itself isn’t cleaned, it can harbor some bad smalls.

The best way to clean out your dishwasher is to clean out the filter. The filter is located underneath the racks; swipe it up and gather loose pieces of food with a paper towel. Once the food is picked up, run the washer through the rinse cycle and then leave the door open to air out.


If you don’t wash out your washcloths or sponges, your kitchen is going to smell like rotting water. Rotting water can create unpleasant odors that can cause you to become sick. When cleaning dishes, ring out your washcloths when you’re done using them to prevent mold growth. Replace them often with clean, fresh washcloths. Additionally, if there’s a musty smell, your sink might be leaking, and you should seek a professional.

These five different sources of smells in a kitchen are the key to helping you locate and terminate awful stenches. It’s vital to remove kitchen smells to help promote better health and ventilation in your home.

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