The Most Popular Desserts That You Should Try in America

November 8, 2022
2 mins read
The Most Popular Desserts That You Should Try in America

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Many tasty confections exist all over the world. Let’s focus on some tried-and-true classics people love in the United States. Here are the most popular desserts that you should try in America.

Apple Pie

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Ironically, this pie came from England in the late 1300s, though it made its way into America’s first cookbook, American Cookery, in 1796.

People often associate this dessert with the Fourth of July. However, it also has a place at the table on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This makes sense, given the popularity of apple picking in many states during the fall.

With so many apples out there, it’s tricky to know which ones work best in this dessert. Learn more about the best baking apples to discover how to perfect your apple pie recipes. The key usually lies in finding a mixture of both sweet and tart to develop a harmony of flavors.


If you’re looking for a dessert that’s synonymous with New York, then cheesecake is the one for you. Invented by Arnold Reuben in the 1920s, this tasty treat contains cream cheese as its prominent ingredient, though sugar helps make it nice and sweet. It traditionally lays on a bed of graham crackers, though cookie crumbs are a popular alternative.

The beauty of cheesecake is that it comes in many flavors, making it a popular dessert choice for most Americans. Try some different types to see which you like best.

While New York cheesecake is popular, seasonal flavors include pumpkin and peppermint, and chocolate and coffee varieties are also available, so you’ll easily find one you love.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Are chocolate chip cookies a dessert or a snack? It’s a question that people continue to ask, but we will classify it as a dessert. You can enjoy these delightful sweets in many ways, from mini versions to giant cookies the size of a pizza pan.

The origins of chocolate chip cookies date back to Ruth Wakefield in the 1930s. Wakefield was an American chef who worked at the Toll House Inn. Her genius idea stemmed from trying to add some variety to a butterscotch cookie.

The original intention was to use Baker’s chocolate, but she had run out and improvised with a semisweet chocolate bar, which she broke into small pieces. It just goes to show that you can create something amazing when you least expect it by thinking on your feet!


To wrap up our list, we’ll look at a tasty dessert that most enjoy in the summer and fall. Of course, we’re talking about s’mores. This treat combines melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows into a sandwich held together by graham crackers.

You prepare the marshmallows traditionally over a campfire, but the microwave is a popular and convenient alternative. The first official recipe of s’mores debuted with the Girl Scouts in the late 1920s. It seems fitting, considering how many tasty cookie recipes they offer.

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