Underrated Cuts of Meat To Cook This Summer

June 16, 2021
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Underrated Cuts of Meat To Cook This Summer

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Nothing quite says summertime like the sweet sight and savory smell of a classic barbeque. Yet, instead of a classic hamburger or sirloin steak, have you considered whipping up some fresh takes on conventional favorites? The raving realm of meat selection is full of remarkable, under-recognized options that tend to fly under the radar. Unless you know a good butcher, that is.

We’re here to change that and introduce you to a wild, wider world of cuts beyond traditional bovine. Here are a couple of suggestions of underrated cuts of meat to cook this summer.

Pork Collar Chops

If you enjoy pork chops or pork loins, pork collars are a lesser-known delicious alternative. With the moniker of “fresh coppa,” you’ll most often see this cut of pork cured in Italian salami. However, when the collar is fresh, it’s just as flavorsome and economical. With its supreme marbling, pork collar chops are best slowly grilled or pan-fried to a juicy medium or medium-well.

Be sure to marinate it well and carve the meat off the bone after cooking. You can cut it into proportional, palatable pieces or chop it up to pair with tortillas and fixings for homemade tacos al fresco.

Lamb Ribs

If you love lamb chops, you’re in for a treat with this lesser-known cut. While the lamb riblets don’t contain a plethora of consumable meat, the meat you do find is tremendously tasty. As one of the underrated cuts of meat to cook this summer, you can’t go wrong with its superior flavor.

Keep in mind that how you decide to cook this cut will impact its overall tenderness. The wrong technique can compromise its piquancy. Be sure to use high heat and complementary seasonings. Fair warning, however: lamb fat is especially flammable on the grill. Keep a careful and close eye on the meat for any possible flare-ups. Regardless, the final result is worth the challenge.

The Flat Iron

The unfailing flat iron steak is a customarily forgotten cut by numerous beef aficionados. No other cut is as equally tender and flavorful as this one. It’s long and flat; these stand-out characteristics granted the cut its very name. This steak cut is suitable for all taste and texture preferences without excess fat marbling or connective muscle tissue.

For an even more superior and detectable experience, consider a Wagyu flat iron steak—the ultimate hidden meat gem. While you should be aware of the differences between Kobe beef versus Wagyu beef, you don’t need to live a life of luxury to indulge in this gourmet piece of tender excellence. Either way, you can throw a flat iron on the grill or pan-sear it to utter perfection. No need to be too fancy—it will melt in your mouth no matter your desired doneness or temperature. Mmmm! True succulence awaits.

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