Unique Ingredients You Should Try Including in Your Baking

February 8, 2023
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Unique Ingredients You Should Try Including in Your Baking

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For many of us, baking is an incredibly fun and relaxing pastime. Baking is the gift that keeps on giving—it’s an enjoyable hobby that creates a delicious good you can share with those you love. That said, even our favorite fixations can become a little boring if we lack inspiration. Thankfully, there are tricks you can use to re-ignite the flame, such as incorporating quirky ingredients! Find out some unique ingredients you can include in your baking recipes today.

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In recent years, the addition of lavender to our food and drink has become more popular, which is why you might consider hopping on the bandwagon. Lavender provides a delicate layer of flavor to your baking that you’ll find fun to work with. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to ground this ingredient up, as this allows the flavors to bloom.


If the bulk of your baking involves breadmaking, you might consider including honey in your recipes. When you bake bread with honey, you will instantly take your baking to the next level. Keep in mind that you can also use honey in your savory bread recipes, even your sourdoughs or focaccias. The sweetness and underlying floral notes of honey add a subtle complexity to your breadmaking.


Including avocado as a unique ingredient in your baking might seem totally bizarre. However, you might find it surprising that the use of avocado in sweet dishes is quite common in many dishes and cultures.

Avocados have a high fat content, making them the perfect substitute for oil or butter. The best part is that you can feel a little healthier when indulging in your sweet treats as you remind yourself there’s an avocado in them.


Did you know that there are several other flowers that are safe for consumption? You can use these flowers as an infusion into your doughs and batters. But you can also use them as a decorative topping for muffins, bread, cakes, and more. Some common edible flowers are chamomile, tulips, rose petals, and dianthus. Only purchase food-grade edible flowers, as flowers from a florist may contain harmful pesticides.

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