Unique Ways To Use Garden-Fresh Hot Peppers

April 28, 2022
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Unique Ways To Use Garden-Fresh Hot Peppers

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It’s time to begin plotting this year’s garden, and something that can be beneficial when you’re deciding what to plant is knowing what you’ll do with the produce when you harvest it. Hot peppers, in particular, can be challenging if not everyone in the home enjoys spicy foods. But don’t worry; there are many unique ways to use garden-fresh hot peppers. Let’s see what you can do with them once you begin harvesting!

Pickle Them

Peppers go hand in hand with pickling. The critical step in this process is brining the peppers in salted water and then adding your preferred spices. You can then can the pickles as preserves or eat them fresh as a garnish.

Dry Them Out

When you dry out your peppers, the possibilities are endless. You open your world to the ability to make homemade salsa macha, which is an incredibly versatile condiment that pairs well with almost everything. Drying your hot peppers is also another tactic to preserve their life span. To dry out anything from the garden, hang it upside down from twine and place it in a window that gets partial to full sun.

Make Fresh Salsa

You can dry your hot peppers to make a salsa macha—or you can use them as-is to create a fresh garden salsa. Everybody who loves spice will love a fresh salsa with crisp tortillas and an ice-cold beverage. The easiest and most popular option is a pico de gallo or an herb salsa because just about every ingredient can come from your garden, including herbs such as cilantro, parsley, basil, and oregano.

Make Jam

Chili jam is unique, earthy, and captivating, and it carries a lot of depth. Sweet and spicy, it can make breakfast or brunch a little more exciting. This is also an excellent way to use other fresh garden pickings such as tomatoes and berries.

Use Them as a Pain-Reliever

A really unique way to use garden-fresh hot peppers is to use them in a homemade pain-relieving cream. The chemical responsible for making peppers hot, capsaicin, also happens to be a natural pain-reliever. All you need to achieve this is a carrier solution such as coconut oil or beeswax and a homemade chili powder from your garden peppers. It’s great for sore and stiff muscles or achy joints. Just be careful not to rub your eyes!

No matter how you plan on using your garden harvest, an essential part of the process is planning and preparing. Don’t hold back on pepper plants this year, as there are several ways to use them!

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