Why Wine-Lovers Must Visit Bordeaux, France

July 7, 2021
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Why Wine-Lovers Must Visit Bordeaux, France

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If you’re a wine enthusiast without a bucket list, please start one now and add a trip to Bordeaux. The amazing thing about Bordeaux, France, is that even if the trip is planned as a wine-tasting excursion, you’ll end up simply falling in love with the people and the beauty of this city. Let’s discuss why wine-lovers must visit Bordeaux, France, so that you can get on with the planning and packing.

So Many Vineyards, So Little Time

Bordeaux boasts over 6,000 vineyards, all of which are famous for grapes that magically become Bordeaux blends. That number may even overwhelm an experienced sommelier. Where does one begin?

Bordeaux is divided into two banks, the Left and the Right, each known for its grape varieties. Let’s look at how to separate the banks.

Left Bank

The Left Bank of Bordeaux is wildly famous for cabernet sauvignon, a deep and bold red wine rich in history. Cabernet sauvignon was born in Bordeaux, although Napa Valley played its part in making it world renowned. On a tour, you’re sure to hear the fun history of cabs along with a few jabs at California (all in good fun).

Right Bank

The merlot grape, known for its beautiful dark color, dominates the Right Bank. The grape produces a dry, medium-bodied wine—one of the most well-known wines in the world. The Right Bank also produces a white wine, sauvignon blanc.

No matter which bank you’re in, it’s impossible not to enjoy your time as you tool around Bordeaux, tasting some of the best wine in the world and hanging onto every beautifully accented word about how the wine comes to fruition.

Other Than Wine

Although thousands of acres of grapes is the top reason why wine-lovers must visit Bordeaux, France, there’s more to see when you’ve reached your limit on tastings. Bordeaux is a charming city that somehow pulls off an energetic urban vibe and the peace of country living all at the same time. If you’re a history buff, the city is full of buildings that are registered as historical—350, to be exact.

Consider a quick drive to Saint-Émilion, a city on the Right Bank that boasts 800 wineries and buildings dating back to the 12th century. You’ll need nothing but your walking shoes to enjoy a day strolling this medieval-feeling town.

Where To Stay?

Wine all day, walking through beautiful towns and countryside… Yes, you’ll be tired. So where does one stay in Bordeaux, France? We highly recommend the agriturismo experience. Agriturismo is the experience of a bed-and-breakfast on a working farm. The farms often include meals served farm to table, so guests enjoy locally grown produce. Some even offer French cooking classes and, of course, local wines.

Have you begun packing? Bordeaux, France, is a fabulous temptation, and we recommend you don’t pass up the opportunity to visit. The French are lovely, Bordeaux is charming, and the wine… Well, the wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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