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8 Blogs Oozing with Delicious Vegan Recipes

Blogs that will inspire the creative vegan to get in the kitchen

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Vegans can’t simply buy food and cosmetics in their local store. That’s why learning to create your own products goes hand in hand with veganism. Below are 8 exciting and inventive recipe blogs that cover everything from cooking and baking to making cosmetics and catering for a nut-free diet.

#1 My Pure Plants

The My Pure Plants travel product recommended by Emese Maczko on Toast Fried.

From the blog owner: We are a wife and husband duo sharing vegan and gluten-free recipes on a blog called My Pure Plants. We are an advocate for healthy, homemade cooking using mainly whole food ingredients.

#2 Maple Holistics

The Maple Holistics travel product recommended by Caleb Backe on Toast Fried.

Maple Holistics is all about natural ingredients and healthy living. Which is why the Maple Holistics blog is chock-full of vegan recipes for you to enjoy. Covering both food and DIY cosmetics, the blog will tell you all about which natural ingredients to use and why, as well as what’s best for mixing and matching. So you can both learn new recipes and discover how to create your own based on your unique needs and preferences!

#3 Oh My Veggie

The Oh My Veggie travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This blog is a top contender because it provides recipes according to category, ie. breakfast, snacks, etc. along with tips and clear instructions.

#4 The Viet Vegan

The The Viet Vegan travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This blog provides the reader a unique assortment of vegan recipes along with tips for substitutions to make cooking easier.

#5 Fat Free Vegan

The Fat Free Vegan travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This is a fun blog that provides simple vegan recipes that can be made in an instant pot or air fryer. Cooking vegan can seem difficult at times, but she makes it easy and fun!

#6 Forks and Beans

The Forks and Beans travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This is a beautifully designed blog with tons of recipe content in just about any category you can want. It provides specialized diet recipes as well including grain free, paleo, and nut free, all of which can be difficult to find in a vegan diet.

#7 Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker travel product recommended by Terrell L. Strayhorn on Toast Fried.

Terrell L. Strayhorn from Do Good Work LLC: There are several reasons why I’m suggesting this blog. First, I use the blog regularly—almost daily—but definitely weekly to cook, meal prep, or think about things that I can eat while at work or traveling. The blog is really helpful, providing vegan recipes and ideas requiring no more than 10 ingredients, 1 bowl, and usually less than 30 minutes to prepare.

The other nice thing about this blog (compared to others I’ve used) is that most of the ingredients are (or become) household items for the fledgling or experienced vegan—things like onion, garlic, cauliflower, lime, cilantro, to name a few. Even if you don’t end up making the featured dish—for example, green cauliflower rice or southwest sweet potato black bean dip—you’ll get great ideas about things that you can make or purchase from a local vegan deli.

Visit the blog today. Subscribe to their e-lerts. You won’t be sorry!

#8 The Full Helping

The The Full Helping travel product recommended by Taylor Wolfram on Toast Fried.

Taylor Wolfram from Taylor Wolfram, LLC: My favorite vegan recipe blog is The Full Helping from Gena Hamshaw. Not only are Gena’s recipes delicious and nutritious, she’s in school to become a registered dietitian and she knows her stuff. Gena’s a published cookbook author and has been creating vegan recipes for years.

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