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6 recipe blogs for those who like to see the end result

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Seeing what your meal will look after you have cooked it, is all the inspiration you need to try your hand at a new recipe. These 6 impressive recipe blogs use imagery as much as instructions to guide you in creating exciting new meals.

#1 Junk Food Kids

The Junk Food Kids travel product recommended by Ashley Nunez on Toast Fried.

This a blog with carb counts and protein counts. Many recipes are gluten-free and all recipes are very approachable.

#2 Make It Dairy Free

The Make It Dairy Free travel product recommended by Larisha Bernard on Toast Fried.

Make It Dairy Free is an outstanding site for families with dairy allergies, as well as those who are vegan, vegetarian, or have other food allergies. The food is delicious and well received by even the pickiest of eaters and the site always includes info for making recipes allergy friendly which is so helpful in today’s world of multiple allergies.

#3 Bite Sized Kitchen

The Bite Sized Kitchen travel product recommended by Aleka Shunk on Toast Fried.

Bite Sized Kitchen is a party food blog dedicated to nothing but bite sized appetizers, snacks and desserts! All recipes are easy to make, fun to eat and crowd-friendly! So if you love noshing on tasty finger foods with a drink in hand, this blog is for you!

#4 My Millennial Kitchen

The My Millennial Kitchen travel product recommended by Michele Sidorenkov on Toast Fried.

Michele Sidorenkov from My Millennial Kitchen: I am a trained chef and registered dietitian nutritionist, focusing primarily on culinary nutrition.

Not only do I include recipe photos but I also include process shots of the recipe, that way you can actually see each step inaction! Actually being able to see what each step in the recipe process looks like helps take the guessing out of the recipe making process.

#5 Wok & Skillet

The Wok & Skillet travel product recommended by Charmaine Ferrara on Toast Fried.

Wok & Skillet is a collection and a resource on simple Asian recipes. I walk you through each step of the way to make your favorite takeout dishes at home.

#6 Went Here 8 This

The Went Here 8 This travel product recommended by Danielle on Toast Fried.

This is a recipe blog that features internationally inspired recipes using a range of different ingredients. Recipes are clearly written and thought out, with step-by-step photos shown. The photography is dark and moody and highlights the beauty of the food. You can easily follow these recipes, get some inspiration, and create the best pictures with the aid of your preferred free photo editor.

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