Drink Review: Jameson Blenders Dog Review

October 6, 2020
2 mins read

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Launched in 2016, The Blenders’ Dog has been selected by head blender Billy Leighton. A combination of ages and cask types, this is rich and rounded with notes of butterscotch, spice and a long finish.

Jameson Blenders Dog Review:

If you’ve been to any decent pub in the UK, the chances are that you’ve had a few Irish Whiskeys. Irish whiskey is the drink of choice in most parts of the UK. With that in mind, this Drink Review is about the Irish Whiskey, Jameson, and its Blenders’ Dog.

“Welcome to The Dog House!”

The drink of Jameson’s Blenders’ Dog, a superb blend of old and new whiskies, is a worthy challenge for any whiskey lover. And the fact that you can train these dogs is a bonus.

Whiskey is whiskey. It’s hard to find a bottle that I don’t enjoy… (this is correct!) But despite my almost-extensive Whisky knowledge, as a person, I know very little when it comes to Irish Whiskey. I’ve had Bushmills (and no I did not enjoy it!), Jameson, but not much else. So this review will be interesting and a learning experience for me…

Pour Me Another Dog… (Ok, Drink Me Another Dog!)

Like it’s inspired by a real working Irish Terrier Dog, the whiskey is described on the box as “tough as nails, with a rich, mahogany-coloured taste which offers a deep, smooth finish.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a whiskey I should try.

I decided to pour myself another… erm… dog and I had it neat in a glass tumbler.

Jameson Blenders’ Dog is distinguished by its rich, mahogany colour and a delightfully long-lasting finish.

Its rich tasting notes can be enjoyed on its own or on the rocks.

It had a creamy texture and a sweet smoothness, holding in your mouth for about an hour or so afterwards. So, the question is, if it’s so tasty, and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, does it play well with some Coke?

Sure does. Personally, I added more than just a dash to my Black Dog, but I couldn’t go wrong. Perfect on a cold day and even better for a few whiskeys, the Coke enhanced the flavour of the whiskey with its sweetness and of course, it curbed that burn! It’s a bit like having a Chocolate Coffee-Milk drink but with a kick.

Jameson Blenders’ Dog Review

Tasting notes: Rounded.

Colour: Bright mahogany.

Aroma: Spicy, succulent & nutty.

Flavour: Butterscotch, spice & honeyed with a long finish.

(This is what really odd about the whiskey; I thought I was drinking a beer!)

Jameson Blenders’ Dog Review

The recipe for Irish whiskey stayed the same for hundreds of years. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was discovered by many part-time distillers, a term which today refers to the commercial companies who now mass-produce and bottle up the liquor. Now, with a new generation taking the spotlight, Irish Whiskey is hot. The art of whiskey distillation is in its prime time.

The popularity of Irish whiskey skyrocketed all over the world in 2014. The growth in drinking bottled Irish whiskey once again took the U.S. by storm, growing 20% in one year. The demand for Irish whiskey in the U.S. is said to have reached 1.3 million cases. Guinness, Ireland’s favorite, is attached as the most popular Irish whiskey consumed in the U.S., while Jameson holds the second spot.

Blended with 7 to 10 year old pot still Whiskey, some Grain Whiskey and some column still Whiskey to give it a rounded flavour.

Jameson Blenders’ Dog Review:

Aged from 7-10 years in both new and used Bourbon barrels, the whiskey combines the floral notes from the center cut grain whiskey, vanilla sweetness from Bourbon, coupled with the spicy and fruity tones from the Pot Still Whiskey, expected from the 18 year old. This balance is what makes Jameson consistent. A whiskey with one of the widest palates in the whiskey market.

Jameson is said to be the world’s leading whiskey, producing more Whiskey than Johnnie Walker and Dewar’s combined. Jameson is a full-flavoured blended whiskey, with strength, character and integrity, making it a better whiskey.

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