Drink Review: Le Reviseur – VSOP

September 27, 2020
2 mins read

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New bottle design coming soon.

Old gold in colour with amber tints.

The fruity and elegant nose has an additional touch of spice.

The nose evolves to oaky and grilled notes with more pronounced walnut shell.

The palate is full with pleasant elegance and a clean finish.

Le Reviseur Vsop:

It was interesting to observe that the colour of the drink in the glass did not come close at all to that of the bottle(VSOP). The nose of the VSOP shows more walnuts and the taste of walnuts is more pronounced than the Extra Ordinaire which is preferred by all our friends who are fond of walnuts. The Extra Ordinaire is more elegant with more oak and a creamy taste that makes it more complex and longer lasting. On the other hand it is not as dry as the VSOP.

The previous Grand Cru was wonderful too but it is not the same taste anymore. This new label is very nice and traditional.

The Burn:

This was surprising, the same as the usual Burn. The label might have been misleading. The first VSOP we tried was in fact the Grand Cru.

This new release is very good and worth trying but remains uneven. The Extra Ordinaire is the favourite of our bar and the old special Grand Cru is not represented anymore which is a pity because of its difference with the rest.

Le Reviseur Vsop Review 1:

From the Glass Show the old bottle was more beautiful and elegant but from the taste it is less elegant and simpler than the Extra Ordinaire.

On the nose:

A touch of coffee and brioche.

Walnut and cream.

In mouth:

Immediately the walnuts and cream have changed to more walnuts and oak. It is more subtle.

In the second tasting we tasted:

A dry and oaky wine in the mouth.

The walnuts are more marked and oak is more intense though there is no bitterness.

It is slightly salted ham inside.

Le Reviseur Vsop Review 2:

Taste: woody, caramelised oak.


We like the subtlety and elegance of the Extra Ordinaire with its creamy and slightly salty taste and the walnuts that come through.

Our friends, the Martine family, liked the first sample.

The second sample was even more sophisticated in the mouth.

Le Reviseur Vsop Review 3:

With its creamy taste and aromas, this low alcohol VSOP is a classy drink fine enough to be served to those who like things a little different.

With its yeasty nose, this VSOP is a classy and modern drink. The crisp taste of walnuts in the mouth gives it an edge over the VSOP.

What our friends the Martine family thought:

From the initial tastings we liked the Extra Ordinaire and didn’t think of taking notes. Then we compared them with the VSOP and the Extra Ordinaire had a more elegant taste with walnuts and oak that made it stand out. The wine deserves its name as it is extraordinary.

The second tasting we felt the need to write something a little more structured.

The first sample was smooth with walnuts and cream.

Then the oak and walnuts are elegant but with the first sample, a touch of salt and a nice dry finish. A long finish.

This Extra Ordinaire has more oak as it is smoother than the first one, more leathery, but there are still walnuts. The dryness is less marked. It is more elegant and much longer lasting than the first sample. The second one is more subtle.

This low alcoholic wine is soft with oak and walnuts. The dryness is still there but it is a different taste than the VSOP.

The Pomegranate:

A delicious sparkling liqueur, soaked with the freshness of pomegranate.

The colour is a lively red, a beautiful colour.

The nose is fruity and well balanced with some oak.

With the first taste it is very fruity, very pleasant and very authentic and not too sweet.

On the nose it has a slight roughness which is not unpleasant.

On the palate, surprisingly the taste is similar to the nose and the texture is really pleasant with an authentic taste of pomegranates.


A story of sentiment as the pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits.

A beauty in the mouth and equally beautiful in the nose. This is the first time that a drink made from pomegranate didn’t contain alcohol.

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