Drink Review: High West – Vodka 7000

September 27, 2020
3 mins read

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The heart of Vodka 7000′ comes from high west distillery’s favourite grain, oats. According to old distilling manuals, distillers from the 1800’s considered oats to make a superior tasting libation.

Today, oats are no longer used because of their high cost and difficulty to distill. But High West Distillery think their subtle nutty and vanilla flavour is worth the extra effort. That’s why they created Vodka 7000′, the only vodka in the world that’s made from oats.

High West Vodka 7000:


Most vodkas aim to be flavourless – it’s their reason for being. But occasionally, a vodka comes along that has some kind of flavour. Vodka 7000 is of this latter variety.

A brilliant cracked golden colour, the nose of this vodka is of vanilla, but subtly. Not over-powering, but full and sweet. Like a good quality vodka, the nose gives nothing away. You’ll have to try it!

Yes, you’ll have to try it. A lot of vodka drinkers are fans of mixed drinks. But for an aquavit drinker who’s just starting out, or a vodka drinker, a neat vodka with ice is an excellent starting point. It’s usually where the flavours of a vodka are most easily detected.

It’s an excellent way to learn about a vodka’s character. And if you like it, then mix it.

If you’re starting out with vodka, you might find Vodka 7000 a little challenging.

This is the closest true cocktail you can get to farm fresh taste. The nose is subtle vanilla. You’ll probably find yourself taking two or three deep whiffs to get the aroma fully. Even when sniffed, this vodka still remains cool and smooth.

High West Vodka 7000 Review 1:

On the tongue it’s almost sweet at first, pleasant and gentle. The finish is like a caress. It’s creamy and soft, with no finish off harsh alcoholic heat. It circles back around to where it began. It’s slightly sweet. Very smooth. Think $50,000 silk sheet wrapping that you never want to end. But it does end.

The aftertaste of this distillate is surprisingly short. It’s not there. Lovely, but too soon gone.

I kept thinking of the vodka back and forth to make it last. But it wouldn’t. It’s a very enjoyable experience, but it simply finishes. It’s not what you’d call an ‘experience’.

I’ve written about this before, but as a drink, vodka is quite a lonely one. It doesn’t have that “soulful” feeling that whiskey and rum have. The point of Vodka 7000 is that it’s a much more refined, delicious vodka. But it doesn’t have the heart of those drinks. Although pleasant, this is more a “feeling of” drinking something. And without the taste and aroma of hard liquors, the “feeling of” is alone. Still a very good vodka. But remember, it’s made from oats.

High West Vodka 7000 Review 2:

The sublime version of this vodka has fresh lime added to it. It was made to be slightly sweeter and spicier. And it is. Distilled from Midwestern rye, this is a rye vodka. It’s as soft and mild as freshly baked rye bread. It’s spring time without being one of those sharp and pungent ones.

The nose is sweet citrus and vanilla. This mix, I thought, would be a lighter, sweeter drink. That’s not the case. The balance between the citrus and vanilla is done well here. The lime doesn’t come in until the top of a sip. It doesn’t clash with the flavours. After the initial top note, you can feel the lime flow and add to the smooth vanilla. It doesn’t get in the way.

To me, this vodka has a taste of butter. It’s not rancid or sharp. It’s smooth and creamy. The buttery flavour grows as you go down the glass. Like a good rye or egg nog, it’s something your taste buds will enjoy.

The finish is light and dry, with no burn at all. It’s a clean, smooth, luscious finish. Slightly warm, like the feeling of sitting at the kitchen table in a cozy comfy sweater and scarf while waiting for an egg nog. It’s slightly nutty and buttery. It’s not like eating 3 glasses of egg nog. This is more like tasting egg nog.

The aftertaste is gets a little soft and warm. Oily, but not like rancid butter. It’s a warm soft spot that slowly fades away. As simple as this cocktail is, it’s very refreshing and pleasant.

High West Vodka 7000 Review 3:

Unlike the Vodka 7000, I’ve had a bunch of egg nogs in my life. I’ve never seen one that was clear and light green. This is what it looks like. It could be a mojito, but for the vanilla part. It’d be almost impossible to make a straight egg nog drink with just vodka. Unless you add eggs and milk.

With egg spirits, you’ll get a soft, creamy and bright smoothness. The light vanilla takes the edge of the rye and buttresses against the tart lime. Every one of your senses is engaged. And they feel good.

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