Drink Review: Longrow Peated

October 6, 2020
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A no-age-statement release from Longrow. One of the three whiskies distilled at Springbank distillery, Longrow is generally peaty in comparison to its siblings. A well-balanced whisky with some slightly medicinal notes.

Longrow Peated Review:

About Longrow

Located just down the road from Springbank distillery is the Longrow site. Consisting of three stills, two wash stills and a pair of low wine stills. It’s here that malt whisky is produced exclusively for the Longrow Peated label, a special release only available in The US.

Longrow Peated Review:

Colour: Light Pale

The nose on this Longrow Peated whisky is quite bouyant. Aromas of vanilla, sweet fruit and light smoke make way for lighter notes of floral and a slight note of salt that reminds me of the firth of a Scottish harbour. Baked apples, pears and apricots flit in and out and there is a pleasant spice from the smoke.

On the palate the Longrow Peated is still quite light but shows a much more assertive character. It’s not as spicy as the nose would suggest but there is still a nice tart edge to it. The smoke shows up again, this time in a more peppery form. Hints of oak, green peat, light citrus. A long finish with just a touch of soapiness and more oak.

Longrow Peated Review:


This is a very nice whiskey that is complex for its age. The interplay between the smoke and the fruit is pleasing and the finish is quite long without being too harsh on the mouth. The Longrow Peated label is quite special, not only due to its limited availability but also because of what it represents. A slightly peated whiskey for the American palate at a time when its very existence was in doubt. By buying this whisky you are not only helping to support the distillery but are also helping to keep one of Campbeltown’s traditions alive.

Longrow Peated Review:

About The Distillery

One of three distilleries in Campbeltown, the Springbank distillery sits right on the Firth of Clyde and is a delight to visit. The two distilleries you see are operational and the third used to produce a Lowland whisky under the Springbank name that was closed down sometime in the 80’s. They were then used as a store until 2005 when they were refurbished and the Springbank name reinstated. The warehouses sit on prominent hillsides around the distillery. The distillery has a reputation for producing a lighter style of whisky than its neighbours, even though they produce the Longrow Peated label, a lowland style whiskey.

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