Drink Review: Old Grand-Dad

September 20, 2020
2 mins read

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A meatier version than the standard bottling, at a potent 50% alcohol. Spicy and dry, with an impressively powerful punch on the palate – this will keep you warm on a cold evening.

Old Grand Dad Bottled In Bond Review:

Old Grand Dad- Bottled in Bond is different than its regular counterpart, but not that much different. Cask Strength (100 proof vs the usual 80 proof) gives the similarity it’s own, different character.

This is a nice, meaty whiskey. It’s a bit bigger than the usual Old Grand-dad Bottled in Bond with a spicy and full flavor profile. Although the predominant flavors are sweet and spicy, there is a slightly edgier quality to it which brings out the pepper and dryness. The flavors are bold, almost robust and like a fine cut of beef, you can almost taste the muscle, the resistence of the meat and the texture of just the right aged hardwood.

What I think makes this CC product so good is the extra alcohol. The alcohol in the higher proof version gives this whiskey a richness that’s hard to describe. While, generally speaking, I don’t really like a higher proof whiskey, this one is very good.

While I’m not usually a big fan of spicier, bolder whiskey, this one was actually a little too spicy for me to finish once it had had a little too much time in my glass. Remember, Old Bottled-in-Bond is really meant as cocktail material. I believe the idea is to give a more complex, fuller flavor profile that mixes well in cocktails unlike the “water with a touch of alcohol” that the regular bonded products are.

Calibrated Score: 7.9 (normally the higher ABV products tend to score much better, but the extra alcohol in this one really does something that’s hard to explain- It’s richer, tastier and gives that meatiness to the whiskey. The fact that this is a cocktail mixer also bumps the score up a bit.)

Old Grand Dad Bottled-in-Bond- Reviewed by BoozeBiker

BoozeBiker introduces his site in his review. He’s another one of those masochist’s that loves to say stuff like “Oh, that tastes bad. How bad is it? Let me taste it again!” He makes the Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond sound like a beer you should order on a date with the barmaid at your local bar.

Very nice. Dig the smooth, round oaky flavor with a nice rye bite.

Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond is kind of like what I might expect a bonded wheater to taste like. It’s better than the Lincoln Road, but a step behind the Russell’s Reserve. There is a nice cinnamon flavor, and it reminds me of malts, but it’s hard to describe, and a bit hard to like. Who knows though, maybe it’s just me.

I found it to be a nice sipping whiskey, my first time tasting an O. G. D. B. I found it to have complex flavor, almost a bit of a bite, but with a nice cinnamon finish. A good sipper.

Calibrated Score: 8.2 (pretty good stuff)

Old Grand Dad Bottled-in-Bond Review By Marc:

Last night a friend of mine and I shared this bottle, which we’d been saving for a while now. The bottle was in the back of his closet, and the level was low, at about ¾ inch in the bottom of the bottle. It was a very cold, windy night here, and a 50% alcohol,100 proof bottle of bourbon would have been at least a little bit comforting on a night like that.

The color was a nice toffee brown, and while it certainly looked like bourbon, the viscous nature of the whiskey caused it to bring to mind a fine whiskey that I’ve seen in whiskey glasses a few times – Jack Daniels Honey.

The nose was distinctive in that it smelled, mostly, like a nice, strong whiskey. It opened up after a few minutes and I could detect the rye, but mostly it smelled like a high-proof whiskey. It definitely had a biting, spicy character, and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

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