Drink Review: Pallini Limoncello Liqueur

September 27, 2020
3 mins read

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The Pallini family has been making its Limoncello since 1875. Produced using Sfusato lemons from the Amalfi coast, this if fresh and zesty. Refreshing straight from the fridge, with or without ice.

Pallini Limoncello Liqueur:

Out of a bottle: Last year I received the most wonderful Christmas stocking gift. It was a blue bottle with a cheerful teddy bear. It wasn’t filled with sweets or coins. It was filled with wonderful, fresh Pallini Limoncello. (kiiky.com) My son filled it with ice cubes for me and we sat and had a “Popsicle” together (a little rinse, hot tea, one or two strong glasses of limoncello and an enormous thirst induced nap). What a fabulous gift.

Because it’s the holidays, you can share it with your friends. It is strong enough to share and strong enough to be enjoyed in the company of others. I’m offering a cooler of limoncello to my friends, family and teachers this Christmas.

Straight from the fridge: This is how I most often enjoy it. Sometimes I have a whole glass of it over ice, but I also think it is great as a mixer.

The combination of Limoncello and soda is delicious. I think it works best in a mix of three parts soda to two parts soda and one part limoncello. An important point to make in the interest of accuracy and since the directions call for three parts soda is that you should not use regular soda. You should use Italian soda with its unique licoricey taste.

This Limoncello and water is also delicious. I enjoy it after a big meal, alongside a nice cup of Eritrean chocolate. It is also wonderful in the afternoon. Just keep a bottle in the refrigerator for an Italian pick me up.

This can also be added to chocolate, biscuits, crusts of pies, tiramisu, crème brulee, coffee, ice cream, cakes, pastries, crepes, pies, brownies, cocktails, martinis, milkshakes and other exceptional things.

Made from lemons: This is some of the finest Limoncello in Italy, which is of course the best in the world. This liqueur is unusual. It is made only from Sfusato lemons from the Amalfi coast. These lemon trees are wonderfully aromatic (some say they are ten times more aromatic than other lemons). This makes for a very different flavor and scent from other Limoncellos.

Pallini Limoncello Liqueur Review 1:

The below is the official promotional video from the Pallini company. It is well worth watching.

Pallini Limoncello and Italy:

Pallini Limoncello owes its superb flavor and color to the careful control of each stage of its production. It is produced in quantity from Sfusato lemons from the Amalfi Coast and it is not necessary to add alcohol or sugar. It is matured for a period of at least ten months then bottled.

There is no alcohol added, no sugar and no other additives. This is a product of such exquisite quality that it is perfect straight from the fridge or with ice cubes in a glass or as a mixer.

Limoncello has been made by the Pallini family for three generations. The family takes great care in its production. This allows it to be young and drinkable when used with soda or water. It is a lovely gift for anyone who loves Italy, food, drink or art.

Ingredients: citric acid, water, sugar, extract of Sfusato lemons and purified alcohol.

It is still a secret recipe that the family has been using for generations. This ensures the wonderful, fresh flavor. It is also food grade and not industrial, meaning there is as little contact with machinery as possible. The result is an unusual but fresh and zesty flavor.

Dry: It has a medicinal and fresh taste. To me it is dry, but not astringent. It has a pleasant after taste that makes it a great shot. Just the thing to accompany heavy or rich meals.

The Pallini Bottle:

It comes in a distinctive, blue and gold bottle. It is designed to be easy to grip and pour. It also reduces evaporation and bacterial growth. The bottle is also easy to pack for traveling. Just make sure to keep it out of direct light and in the refrigerator. It is also eco-friendly.

Storage: The box for this liqueur is the most imaginative I have ever seen for a product of this kind. It is a lovely, colorful box (lots of full color images of Italy) that opens up. It is designed to display the bottle and make it easy to pack for picnics and traveling.

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