Drink Review: Villa Massa Limoncello Liqueur

October 6, 2020
2 mins read

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Limoncello Villa Massa is a traditional Italian liqueur made with Sorrentine lemons to a family recipe dating back to 1890.

Villa Massa Limoncello Review:

As a lover of Italian food and drink I try and find a way to include some authentically Italian elements into my lifestyle. When I was reviewing Sorrento Rubino I was looking at a perky little bottle of limoncello liqueur in my fridge. It seemed the perfect time to bring Villa Massa Limoncello liqueur from Italy into my life. My first sniff senses something sweet, citrusy with a slight orange-zest and also buttery tones. Not complex, just fresh. In the first sip I detect a gentle citrus flavor and drinkability at the forefront. My palate, not really being THAT sophisticated a critic, would say the limoncello has somewhat of a sugar-candied taste. Very pleasant and soft, yet it has a distinct clean taste of Sorrento lemons. I’ll be honest, limoncello is not the type of drink I’d normally reach for, but Villa Massa is a very pleasant and delicious drink that I’ll be purchasing again and again. My sweetie loves it and it is a go-to drink for summer parties, BBQs etc. I think Villa Massa Limoncello would be lovely in canned lemonade for a twist.

Why should you have Villa Massa Limoncello Liqueur in your home? Well it’s beyond charming looking! Housed in a gorgeous tall, clear glass container with a frosted white top it’s just a saucer garnish all by itself. The round, frosty bottle is actually the cap! When the notched edge is in your hand, you can simply twist the bottle to remove it for pouring. The bottle itself is topped with a silver, cardbord label with the name of the liqueur in a bright green font above the rim. Down the front of the bottle it reads Villa Massa in cursive on the top and Limoncello on the bottom. The silver label is elegant and simple, but I think the frosted white cap actually becomes the label with the name printed on it’s top. This style of packaging makes for easier pouring, of course, but it also makes this drink look less like a shot across the room and more of an adorable adult beverage.

I love it and would come to think of it as a creative alternative for the oft’ repeated image of vodka, lemon-drop shots that have become a bit stale. It’s just as creative- a sweet and lemony liqueur that’s fresh and inviting.

The Villa Massa Limoncello liqueur makes for a lovely dessert- thaw the bottle and slice some fresh strawberries for dipping. Villa Massa really has the simple elegance of fine Italian food. It’s simple and fresh, with a slight twist.

What I enjoyed about Villa Massa Limoncello?

It’s creamy and has a sweet-sour citrus taste, it’s not very strong and very pleasant to drink. This feels like a liqueur you’d sip on a warm summer evening rather than down in one.

What I didn’t enjoy about Villa Massa Limoncello?

Honestly I loved this little liquorice- it’s only flaw is that it’s easy to drink and not the type of drink I’d drink every day. To me it’s kind of a shot-in-a-glass, which makes it too easy to have too many of.

Villa Massa Limoncello Review

Villa Massa Limoncello Liqueur:

700ML Italian liqueur made from Sorrentine Lemons. Drunk straight or over ice it makes a delicious summertime liqueur. Liqueur crafted in Italy for over a century. This liqueur is quite rich and creamy for a shot of lemon. It’s a little sweet and has a distinct hint of butter.

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