Drink Review: Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka Liqueur

October 26, 2020
3 mins read

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Launched in 2003, Pinnacle combine quadruple distilled French vodka with over 30 different flavours – this time chocolate chip cookie dough. Great as a shot or mixed up in cocktails.

Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka Review:

Reis Valley Premium Vodka is distilled from a blend of wheat and potato grain and a unique blend of herbs, botanicals and botulism to create a smooth 50% Islay-style whisky. Includes plenty of peat in the blend and is bottled at 46% ABV plus water for a perfect mid-strength spirit. Serving suggestions are straight from the bottle.

Serving: Straight. Ice cube. Please.

Blend: Reis Valley Premium Vodka

Aroma: Sweet, fruity, specially sweet and buttery on the nose.

Taste: A strong initial taste of vanilla and nutmeg before hitting you with a measure of honeyed sweetness. There is also a steady burn with a warming, bitter finish.

Quite a distinctive flavour. It tastes like brown sugar with a hint of chocolate on the finish. The smell scared the pants off me at first as I was thinking of two things – sex and whiskey. I don’t think the bottle makes enough of a note of the chocolate notes. I think Pinnacle have lost the chocolate vodka edge. The only chocolate I can get down my throat is the kind I eat.

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Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka Liqueur Review:

Instead of being bottled at 46% ABV, Pinnacle Vodka is bottled at 40.2% ABV with water added. Tasted straight from the bottle, the spirit is a little rough on the tongue but this note disappears completely with water. The chocolate notes shine through and are bold and delicious. Pinnacle Cookies Dough Vodka is a strong and very sweet palate-pleaser, straight.

Mix: As a mixer, this liqueur gives a slightly heavier and sweeter taste than has been enjoyed before. It tastes great in the Mai Tai and also makes an excellent base for a B&B.

Finish: The finish is flavourful and smooth.

Water: A great choice for the Pinnacle – Vodka since the chocolate and vanilla is much enhanced with the addition of water. All and All, a great liqueur to put in the cool cabinet and stock up the liqueur formulae.

Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka is strong and sweet and – when added to a cocktail can produce a real mind-blowing taste. Mixed with something bourbon-ey, it becomes – with a shot of cream – the drink of choice.

A great vodka. Strong and sweet. As a mixer, it adds a unique dimension. Distilled from a unique blend of sawdust and spices, this limited edition liqueur is made in America. It tastes strongly of hazelnut. 

Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka is liqueur, and therefore has a higher ABV than a normal vodka. It is quite sweet, complimenting the taste of a bourbon. Used in a whiskey sour, the two create a good taste.

Not all the cookie dough flavours were equally good to me. The ones with the spun sugar were the best choice, followed by crème brulee and brownies. The pina colada tasted rather too sickly. I do not recommend combining Pinnacle with Pepsi in the same drink, as it tends to leave a slimy after-taste. I recommend mixing this liqueur with a strong enough spirit and a sweet enough mixer.

“In the way that a dentist’s drill tastes just like a pimple on your cheek, with a faint tinny aftertaste, complete with a green tinge, and maybe a bit of heat, so is this liqueur. It tastes like a bar of chocolate. Glorious.”

This review is from: Pinnacle Cookies and Cream Vodka (Wine and Spirits)

Pinnacle is one of the brands of Vodka I would like to give a shot at. Quite frankly, a cursory google search seems to indicate it is a pissed of “Irish” crème liqueur. You get a box of mixed ingredients and the recipe of “the pitcher”. I tried two different brands to try and get a better perspective of what this was like.

This candy bar Premium Vodka is 60% alc. By using spices and flavourings to create a unique and potent liquor, I found that it does seem like it is a made from a mix of molasses and egg yolk. It smells like a chocolate bar. It has that same taste to it. It had a very strong burn to the tongue and an initial taste of honey. Then it went to a lingering burn that started after the initial taste. I could taste the Italian from the herbs and spices.

This new liqueur seems to taste of molasses, bittersweet chocolate, & rye. I wonder what the vodka tastes like. Perfect way to get acquainted with premium liquor while educating yourself about your own drink. As the liquor bottles say, “It’s everything you like, just a little better.”

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