Drink Review: Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky

September 25, 2020
2 mins read

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The revived version of the famous blend from the now-deceased Seagram’s conglomerate. The ‘VO’ apparently stands for ‘Very Own’ as the blend was initially conceived for the private use of the Seagram family.

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Review:

It’s no secret that I am a whisky geek. With that said, I’ve also taken it upon myself (and my wallet) to try literally hundreds of different whiskies. Canadian whisky is my favourite type, but I must say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the liquors from other countries. I was even more surprised to find this bottle on sale here in Israel. I was kind of immediately drawn to it, because it reminded me of something from my childhood, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it where I knew it. I’m pretty sure I found it at the local Alcoholics Anonymous store (they serve as a really awesome liquor store). In any case, I picked it up, and I’m really glad I did.

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Taste:

I was really disappointed about the fact that this is a blended whisky, I had read that Seagram’s is a Canadian whisky, and I was kind of expecting this to be a single malt, but…whatever. I’ll assume that this is at least partly Canadian, I just don’t remember if it says so on the bottle. I’ve had several blended whiskies since I discovered whisky, and this one really stands out. It’s very hearty, and intense, but still very smooth. It passes both the ice cube(15/15) and water test (20/20). It also passes the smell test (10/10), and the taste test (20/20), very nicely in fact. This beer goes down a little bit too easy (65/70). All things considered though, it’s a good tasting beer (8/10).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Smell:

This is I’m pretty sure is the area where this beer falls short. I’m just used to smelling oaky, honeyed, fruity, fragrant, and spicy whiskies. This one is certainly oaky, but it’s not complex. I picked up on a little bit of vanilla, and maybe a hint of light smoke, but not much else. I think it still smells nice, but if you’re expecting the complex fragrances of a single malt, you probably will be disappointed (8/10).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Color:

 The colour is nice, rich, amber, and full of character (5/5).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Feel/Texture:

Again, this is one of those beers that goes down a little too easy,but at least it’s nice and smooth. As I said earlier, I love a good whisky, but booze in general goes down very easily (10/10).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Drinkability :

This whisky is really very drinkable. It’s surprisingly full-bodied, and yet it’s smooth enough to drink neat, or over ice, or on the rocks, or with soda or tonic, or whatever. It’s a bourbon made by a Canadian company, but I’ve had better bourbons, and I’ve had worse (80/100).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Uniqueness/Originality:

This whisky is unique, there’s no mistaking that, but that’s not what I’m really talking about here. Seagram’s VO is extremely original, this is a really impressive piece of work. I wonder what it would be like if I mixed this with (insert suitable mixable beer here) (5/5).

Seagram’s VO Canadian Blended Whisky Redemption Value (Community/Brand/Whatsit): I can’t really take any points off for redemption value because I’m an individual reviewer. I’m not trying to advertise for any company, I’m not trying to keep anyone from buying a certain brand. The Seagram Company would score much higher if I was evaluating them as a brand with their VO whisky, but in this case I’m only evaluating a single product that happens to fall within the range of their brand. Seagram also scores a lot of points for the backstory of this VO whisky.

I ended up giving scores of 90 or above to only two whiskies before, and both were single malts. However, this isn’t a real problem in my opinion, because I don’t think that a blended whisky should be used to judge whether single malts are better than blended whiskies, the two are really different animals. It’s kind of like comparing hot dogs and hamburgers. They are both meat-based dishes, but they are totally different. Anyway, it’s a really good beer, and I highly recommend it to any whisky fan.

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