Drink Review: Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary

September 20, 2020
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A special bottling of Wild Turkey, this was created with the help of master distiller Eddie Russell to celebrate the 60 years his father Jimmy has spent in the same job. Made with bourbons aged for between 13 and 16 years, this is rich and intense.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Review:

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Colour:

Cherry brown, mature and beautifully-matured. This is thick stuff, with a tawny glow.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Nose:

Dried apricots, toasted almond, chocolate fudge, liqueur cherries, vanilla, creamy oak spice, leather, cedar, a big and intense hit of vanilla, fresh fruit, a hit of apple and a hard candy sweetness that is also tingling with high-end oak and charred wood.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Taste:

Full and fruity, with a good strong bourbon spiciness at the front, followed by the fruits. Dates, dried fruits, butterscotch, fresh nectarines, lots of oak and leather, vanilla and spices. This is fruity and spicy, with lots of spice and a big hit of oak. Orange peel, dried cured fruits, a good hit of citrus and vanilla and caramel.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Finish:

Long, warming and spicy.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Balance:

This really is something special. It’s a full-bodied whiskey, but not silky smooth, it’s rougher in texture, but it’s a really fascinating whiskey, with a lot of character, a lot to say and a lot going on.

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