Exploring Denver’s Premier Craft Beer Operations: A Rocky Mountain Journey

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Denver, Colorado has emerged as a significant hub for craft breweries and wineries in the United States. Fueling this growth is an environment welcoming of small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and innovative ideas. This article features a selection of businesses from this vibrant scene, including both established companies and start-ups,

These breweries and wineries offer something for everyone, from specialty craft beers to unique organic wines; from single-serving bottles to larger volumes; from traditional methods to advanced brewing technology. They have helped shift the perception of beer and wine consumption, turning it into a personal experience that customers can tailor to their taste, mood, and occasion.

Here are some of the breweries and wineries that have transformed Denver into a craft beer and wine lover’s paradise.

Wander + Ivy

Founded by Dana Ferrero Spaulding, Wander + Ivy offers premium wine made with certified organic grapes. They specialize in single-serving bottles, bringing convenience to wine connoisseurs and reducing wastage. Their partnerships with family-owned vineyards worldwide ensure that consumers receive only the finest choice of organic wines.

Molson Coors

A global leader in brewing, Molson Coors is recognized for its first-rate beer brands like Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Carling, Staropramen, and Blue Moon. Founded by John Molson, this company takes pride in delivering extraordinary beer selections that cater to the diverse palates of beer drinkers worldwide.


SYNEK Beer sets a new standard for in-home beer enjoyment with their innovative SYNEK beer dispenser. The dispenser refrigerates, pressurizes, and dispenses beer, providing customers with fresh on draft, brewery-quality beer at home.

Platt Park Brewing Co.

Platt Park Brewing Co., co-founded by Brian Ward, Colby Rankin, Patrick Crawford, and Randy Rankin, is another outstanding craft brewery headquartered in Denver. Their selection of craft beer guarantees a flavorful experience to all beer enthusiasts.

Fiction Beer Company

Founded by Christa Kilpatrick and Ryan Kilpatrick, Fiction Beer Company brews craft beer with unique story-inspired recipes. Each sip brings flavors, aromas, and textures that tell a different story, offering an imaginative fusion of literature and beer.

Great Divide Brewing

Great Divide Brewing is known for its balanced, assertive, and flavorful beers. They have received considerable acclaim for their outstanding brews, signifying their expertise and dedication to brewing superior quality beers.

Synergy Fine Wines

Synergy Fine Wines is a prominent company in the wine and spirits industry dedicated to providing an exceptional selection of fine wines crafted with dedication and passion.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Company

A dedicated contract brewer, the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company specializes in craft beer production. They provide a variety of packaging options, including bottles, cans, and kegs, catering to the different demands of their clients.

Tivoli Brewing Company

Tivoli Brewing Company is a valued addition to Denver’s craft beer industry, providing beer enthusiasts with an expansive selection of their finest brews.

Crazy Mountain Brewery

Founded by Kevin Selvy and Marisa Aguilar Selvy, Crazy Mountain Brewery is revered for their craft beers. They are committed to manufacturing excellent quality beers that communicate their passion for the craft.

Prost Brewing

Prost Brewing is a hallmark of Denver’s brewing industry. Committed to the craft, they brew and serve a range of distinct beers that delight every palate.

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