Exploring Miami Beach’s Thriving Food and Beverage Industry Scene

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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With the iconic Miami Beach as their backdrop, a variety of vibrant food and beverage companies have secured their headquarters in this sun-soaked Floridian city. Combining innovative concepts, diverse cuisines, and a steadfast dedication to quality, these organizations are not only contributing to the City’s local economy, but they’re also enhancing its culinary reputation. From canned wine cocktails to organic beauty essentials that meld perfectly into the health-food category, we are listing down some of the most remarkable F&B focused businesses that call Miami Beach their home.

These companies are not only local favorites, but they are gaining ground on the national and even international level. Garnering the attention of food and beverage enthusiasts, industry insiders, and investors, they are creating quite the buzz. Whether you’re located in Miami Beach or halfway across the globe, these businesses deserve your attention and are worth knowing about.

Now, let’s put a spotlight on these Miami Beach, Florida based gems that are creating waves of innovation within the Food and Beverage industry. Each one brings a unique flair, taste, and perspective – making them relevant contributors in the food scene not just locally, but also globally.


Founded by lifestyle enthusiasts Michael James and Rocco Venneri, DRINK COOL CAT is a lifestyle brand that serves up vibrant moments and refreshing experiences through their canned wine cocktails. Launched in 2018 in the heart of Miami Beach, the company is taking the F&B industry by storm, serving convenience and style in one chic can.


Alessandro Nina, Paolo Cadegiani, Stefano Bucci, and Vincenzo Foglia joined forces to establish SQUAREAT. Operating within the Organic Food and Food Delivery brackets, SQUAREAT is committing to fostering a healthier Florida and beyond.

Truly Beauty

Founded by Maxx Appelman, Truly Organic is a multi-faceted organization that offers a range of vegan, organic, fair trade, non-gmo, chemical free & cruelty free products within beauty, health and household categories.

Harry’s Holdings, LLC

Grounded in Miami beach soil since 2011 by Chef Michael Schwartz, Harry’s Holdings, LLC, is the parent company of Harry’s Pizzeria, rebranding as Genuine Pizza. Offering pizza, snacks, salads, daily specials and dessert, beer and wine across South Florida, the restaurant also has a plan to gradually transition to a new brand name and design.


Bizu, founded by Gabriela Arraiz and Nathaniel Waring, seamlessly connects consumers, liquor and beverage brands, and establishments through mobile and social platforms. Savoring beverages, promotions, and incentives are just a click away with Bizu.

Unified Food

Founded by Abylay Ospan, Unified Food navigates the intersections of Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing, and Nutrition.

Pura Vida Miami

Combining the best of Coffee, Food and Beverage, Health Care, and Restaurants, Pura Vida Miami has become a versatile player within Miami Beach’s thriving food and beverage industry.

Cheney Brothers, Inc.

A key player in the Food and Beverage industry, Cheney Brothers, Inc. are recognized as innovative foodservice distributors with a solid commitment towards quality and service.

Eagle Specialty Coffee

Offering food items to numerous charities, fundraisers, and volunteer organizations, Eagle Specialty Coffee is a non-profit organization serving up support for the local community in Miami Beach, Florida.

South Beach Group Hotels

Specializing in the hospitality industry, South Beach Group Hotels delivers diverse experiences within food and beverage, coupled with unique travel encounters.

Menin Hospitality

Drawing from the best of Food and Beverage and Travel, Menin Hospitality is a Miami Beach-based company making prominent waves in the local and international hospitality industry.

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