Exploring Moscow’s Pioneering Giants in the Food Processing Industry

January 30, 2024
3 mins read

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Ever wonder where your favourite meals, bulk grocery items, or even pet products come from? Digging deeper into the world of food processing reveals surprising connections, innovative companies, and a vibrant ecosystem of services. Today, we’re heading to the bustling city of Moscow in Russia to explore some of the food processing industry’s movers and shakers headquartered in and around the capital. Ranging from fresh food delivery start-ups to traditional manufacturing companies, each participant in this dynamic field brings their unique flavor (quite literally!) to the table. Dive in and learn more about the operations and offerings of these Moscow-based food processing companies.

With the rise of the internet and e-commerce, several online food retailers and grocery delivery platforms have sprouted, offering convenient and personalized solutions. Moscow-based companies such as Elementaree, GetFaster, and Platypus are at the forefront of this evolution, each with a unique approach to meet a variety of customer needs. On the other end of the spectrum, we have long-established manufacturers of food products and ingredients within the Moscow region. Companies such as Performance Food, Mareven, and Rusagro Group are prominent players, contributing significantly to the local and global food supply chain.

Food processing is impressively diverse and covers a plethora of products beyond what we typically conceive as food. For instance, pet-product chains like Beethoven streamline the pet food manufacturing and delivery process. Then there are B2B platforms like AGRO24, which is a food-trading platform for professionals. It’s an industry all about ensuring the availability, quality, and variety of food and related products – and at its core, it’s about meeting consumer needs in the most effective way possible. Let’s get to know these Moscow-based food processing companies a bit better.


Founded by Olga Zinovyeva and Szilard Buksa, Elementaree pioneers personal food programs catered to specific dietary needs and goals. Whether it’s about losing weight, creating tasty meals for your family, or increasing your body muscles, Elementaree has you covered. Their unique value proposition comes from utilizing their expertise in building value chains, which allows them to customize at scale – providing a never-repeating menu and personalized add-ons catered to customers’ specific needs.


Co-founded by Andrey Sobolev, GetFaster brings the hypermarket experience to your doorstep. Wielding a vast assortment of products from groceries to household chemicals, their platform promises a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.

Performance Food

Performance Food engages in the production of healthy food with a diverse lineup of meals that includes cereals, salads, soups, meat, fish, seafood, desserts, and more. Quickly gaining popularity in Moscow, their tasty and nutritious meals are a favourite of many locals.


A major player in the local food processing industry, Mareven has made significant strides in food production. Truly committed to their craft, they place a heavy emphasis on quality and consistency across their range of products.


When it comes to pets, there’s one company in Moscow that stands out. Beethoven offers a wide variety of pet products, ensuring our furry friends aren’t left out from quality food processing advancements.


Founded by Andrey Rogachev and Alexander Volchek in 2016, AGRO24 is a B2B food-trading platform. With a service covering manufacturer’s ratings, supply chain financing, and a detailed catalog, AGRO24 is connecting millions of manufacturers worldwide. With a robust platform, they turn the complex process of food trading into a streamlined and efficient one.

Rusagro Group

Rusagro Group is a significant player in the field of agriculture and farming, further expanding its influence through its involvement in food processing. With a strong commitment to maintaining high standards of food quality and safety, they’ve earned a respected position in the industry.


Also known as Utkonos in Russian, Platypus is an online grocery store that houses over 40,000 products. Making shopping easier and convenient, Platypus allows you to avoid long lines, traffic jams, and heavy shopping, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Komoc rpynn

“KOMOS GROUP” is a rapidly developing diversified holding that comprises 16 notable enterprises engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products.

Red October

An iconic brand with deep roots in Russia, Red October has been satisfying sweet tooth cravings for generations with their range of delicious confectionery products.

Ostankinsky Meat Processing Plant

Ostankinsky Meat Processing Plant specializes in providing consumers with high-quality meat products. As a key contributor to the local food supply chain, it has a well-earned reputation in the meat processing sector.

From personalized meal delivery to mass production of critically needed food items, Moscow’s wealth of food processing companies collectively nourishes millions. With each company offering unique solutions and products, they together shape a vibrant, diverse, and essential industry.

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