London’s Top Breweries: Pioneering UK Craft Beer Industry Excellence

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Toastfried continues to explore the brewing sector with a series of articles showcasing companies headquartered in London, England who have made a significant impact in the brewing industry. With a rich tapestry of brewing history and a vibrant contemporary beer scene, London’s brewing landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic. In this feature we chart the journey of twelve London based brewing companies, dive into their ethos and provide glimpses of their offerings, from traditional craft beers to pioneering beverages.

Each of the featured brewing companies brings its unique flavor and charm reflecting the city’s passion for brewing. The UK’s capital is home to a host of creative and innovative breweries that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the delicious world of beer.

Below, we shed light on each of these fantastic brewing companies operating in London. You can tap into their stories, delve into their fascinating offerings, and check out their latest news via their respective websites and social media platforms, some of which we have linked below. Let’s raise a toast to London’s stellar brewing companies!

Camden Town Brewery

Founded by Jasper Cuppaidge in 2010, Camden Town Brewery is an online retailer that sells quality beer to customers. It enables its users to locate and purchase a range of beers, including lager and ale, in their local area as well as attend beer drinking events. It is a bridge to brewing delights. Twitter, Facebook.

Small Beer Brew Co.

Co-founded by Felix James and James Grundy, Small Beer Brew Co. is all about brewing classic beer styles with less than 2.8% alcohol. They are scaling their model in both the UK and abroad. Don’t miss this unique brew gauge. Twitter, Facebook.


Under the helm of founder Mark Wong, IMPOSSIBREW® is set on creating the world’s most complete beer alternative. This venture is brewing innovation. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Daisy Green Collection

Founded by Prue Freeman and Tom Onions, Daisy Green Collection brings a slice of buzzing Australian food and coffee culture to London. Their iconic cafes and restaurants have quickly become local destinations. From first coffee to award-winning brunch, to evening dinner and drinks, this collection serves an uplifting Australian experience. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Sellar, the brainchild of James Powell, Julian Bourne, and Matt Pritchard offers a renewed trade ordering experience for breweries, bridging them to trade customers. They offer a comprehensive experience, connecting orders and deliveries for customers. LinkedIn.

The Five Points Brewing Company

Co-founded by Edward Mason and Greg Hobbs, The Five Points Brewing Company has been brewing with a commitment to quality and the community since 2013. Their unfiltered and unpasteurized beers are a delight. Limited small-batch releases, including their barrel-aged project, add flair to their offerings. They emphasize fair wages and environmental responsibility. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Founded by Benjamin Morgan Smith, Daniel Rowntree, John Bailey, and Toby Chantrell, BrewBroker promotes services across the brewing spectrum, from selling excess brewing capacity to creative and packaging services. The network effect plays out beautifully here. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


POPS, established by Harry Clarke and James Rae, offers a unique take on the beverage scene with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicles. Their diverse range includes frozen cocktails and more! A refreshing departure indeed. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Anspach & Hobday

Paul Anspach and John Henly Hobday co-founded A&H, a micro-brewery nestled in the arches near London Bridge. Short in name, long in flavor profile. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Wild Card Brewery

Founded by Andrew Birkby, Jaega Wise, and William Harris, Wild Card Brewery is a microbrewery and bar that exercises no restraint in creativity. This is brewing in the wild. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Brew By Numbers

Funded by Dave Seymour and Tom Hutchings, Brew By Numbers has shaken London’s brewing scene with quality beers and dynamic offerings. Rooted in Bermondsey’s culinary quarter, they are earning recognition for diverse modern beers that prioritize quality and drinkability. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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