Exploring Zurich’s Culinary Landscape: Spotlight on High-Performing Restaurant Enterprises

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Uncovering the charm of Zurich’s culinary scene, we delve into some notable companies that have made an indelible mark on the Swiss restaurant industry. Representing a spectrum of food and beverage companies, these businesses have diversified their field of operations synthesizing technology, sustainability, e-commerce, food delivery and much more in their services. Let’s recount and celebrate some favorite Zurich-based contributions to the global gastronomy from our featured companies in the restaurant industry.

This journey across Zurich’s gastronomy brings forth companies that are not just limited to offering sumptuous food but have pioneered groundbreaking businesses that encompass software, sustainability, e-commerce, and delivered culinary experiences at your doorstep. From online food reservations to calculating the environmental footprint of your meal, these companies’ contributions are indeed diverse.

The following Zurich-based companies have contributed significantly to shaping today’s restaurant industry, pushing boundaries with innovative offerings and unique operational models. Set in the heart of Europe, these notable Swiss companies challenge conventional F&B norms, thriving on innovation, quality and remarkable customer service. We invite you to explore these remarkable companies that have made a mark in the restaurant industry.


Lunchgate, crafted by Christian Riner and Marc Locher, is a novel platform that allows customers to rediscover restaurants through detailed menus, table reservations, and 360-degree interior views. But they don’t stop there. Lunchgate aims to continuously serve the restaurant industry with innovative offerings. Follow them on Facebook, @lunchgate on Twitter, and check their professional presence on LinkedIn.


Environmental consciousness is at the core of Eaternity. This brainchild of Judith Ellens and Manuel Klarmann calculates the exact environmental footprint of food, with the ultimate goal of fostering a sustainable food system. With the Eaternity Score, environmental impacts of all food products are made transparent and readily available for consumers and decision-makers.


Bindella is your go-to company for top-notch wine and spirits and seamless, luxurious restaurant experiences. Expect an unforgettable gastronomic adventure when you dine with Bindella, a company that continues to raise the bar in terms of dining standards. You can connect with Bindella on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


When it comes to delivering delicious Tibetan dumplings, Tenz Momo reigns supreme. With options for online food delivery and reservations for parties and business events, Tenz delivers more than just food. They deliver an experience, you can follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Sebastian Kirsch in 2020, Foodlishes is on a mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry by providing an accessible and comprehensive digital platform for ordering. Despite being relatively new, it has soared to be one of the best new startups in Switzerland.

Marché Restaurants Switzerland

Marché Restaurants Switzerland has you covered with its wide range of food-related establishments catering to anyone and everyone. You can dine in their exquisite restaurants, get served by their catering service, or grab a bite on the go from their Marché® Express and more! Their Facebook and LinkedIn channels provide regular updates and insights.

Domino’s Pizza Switzerland AG

The multinational giant, Domino’s Pizza Switzerland AG, needs no introduction. Renowned for its delicious pizzas, Domino’s Switzerland continues to dominate its market segment with irresistible deals and quick delivery services. Check their latest offers and promotions on their Facebook page.


Combining the power of technology with the delight of dining, Presto is a one-of-a-kind mobile app for restaurants. You can explore their professional presence on LinkedIn.


GastroSuisse is an association promoting the interests of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. They take their member service to the next level with discounted offers, savings, and an expansive industry network. Stay informed with GastroSuisse on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Experience authentic taste at Habesha, offering irresistible culinary delights. You can follow them on their Facebook page for the latest updates and impressive gastronomic images that will make your mouth water.


Lastly, LILY’S offers an unforgettable dining experience with a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food prepared with love. Stay in touch with their latest promotions on their Facebook page.

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